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4 Simple Tricks to Pick the Ideal Authentic Handbag

Do you plan to buy a real designer authentic handbag but you are not sure which bag would be the right one for you? No worries because I prepared 4 simple tricks that will help you to pick the ideal designer handbag. There are few points to keep in mind. Your bag should be elegant, stylish, well made as well as the one that will last you probably lifetime. In today's fashion world there are many handbag styles available, so it can get quite overwhelming. Just ask yourself the following 4 simple questions and you will know the answer to pick the right handbag.

What is your personal style?

Every woman has her own unique style. Are you a housewife or stay at home mom? Do you go for meetings throughout the day? Do you have other social activities that you attend? What type of a woman are you? Casual, classic or super trendy? The ideal authentic handbag must fit with your lifestyle. Your handbag should be situation appropriate and also complement your overall look.

What is your body type?

You need to analyze what body type you are. Maybe thin, curvy, small, tall or athletic? You would be very surprised how much your body type can directly affect the decision. Your figure is a main factor in selecting your authentic handbag. Make sure to choose a bag that is opposite of your body shape. Long, slim, and structured handbags work best with ladies who are more curvy. But if you are slim, and tall, a round handbag would be the ideal complement for you.

What do you carry in your handbag on a daily basis?

If you belong to a group of ladies that carry around only the basic essentials, you might be OK with a wrislet or a clutch. If you are trying to find something substantial to carry your laptop, lunch and maybe some files a tote would be the ideal choice. Your daily activities should be one of the main contributors in your decision making.

What is most important to you in your handbag?

What kind of bags do you like? Maybe the ones with lots of pockets. Do you want something more roomy or smaller and compact. Concentrate to find an ideal authentic handbag that will fit your essentials. Most of the handbags provide an adjustable and removable strap which makes it easy to convert a bag from day to evening. You can choose from wide variety of materials but from my point of view leather would fulfill all the requirements. It is long lasting and goes with every outfit. If you are doing just regular errands, you might take into consideration nylon or canvas.

The Color also plays a vital role by choosing the ideal authentic handbag. Depending on the season, you might choose different handbag colors. You can never go wrong with black, brown or cream handbag - they are always in style. Since we have summer right now an elegant white authentic leather handbag would be great choice.

Every woman is unique with different preferences. I do believe though that all women have one thing in common. We love shopping especially for designer authentic handbag. Next time when you will be looking for authentic handbag, don't forget to ask yourself those 4 simple questions and I can guarantee you that you will make a wise decision. Enjoy your shopping spree.