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7 Tips To Plan A Green Wedding

If you are planning for a green wedding, you need to make some special preparations because this wedding planning is certainly different from all other weddings which are organized. Here are some ideas to plan your wedding:

• Location- Plan for the wedding location in any of the natural spots such as gardens or lawns.

• Wedding dress - You can consider purchasing a vintage dress or an organic silk for your wedding. Pick up a simple dress which suits your looks!!

• Recycled invitations- Purchase recycled invitation cards which will be processed without the use of chlorine. You can use simple reply post card and leave out the inner envelope, which shall save your money as well as paper.

• Food - This is one of the main areas to focus on and plan when you are preparing for a green wedding. Choose vegetarian and organic dishes which shall serve your purpose. Remember to rent real glass dishes, glasses and also cloth napkins and avoid any type of disposable plates which are harmful for the environment. In a green wedding, you can use biodegradable and compostable dishes or flatware which is prepared from cornstarch and sugarcane.

• Flowers - Choose flowers which are grown in local and organic farms. For a green wedding it is best if you choose potted plants as centerpieces instead of picking up cut flowers. These can also be used as gifts which your guest will love to take back with them.

• Gift options - If you are thinking about gifting options for the guests who come to take part in your celebrations, you can choose gift certificates, soaps, fair trade coffee and also local health food gift certificates. These make wonderful gift options for people who helped in planning your wedding, like your groomsmen and bridesmaid.

• Honeymoon planning - When you are planning for your wedding, make plans for your honeymoon too. You can plan your honeymoon in an environment friendly sensitive place and choose to stay at hotels which are known for the eco-friendly policies and offer hybrid car rentals too.

If you are able to implement the above it shall assure you that you have a green environment friendly wedding which will be loved by all.