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Coaching Practice - How to Get More Clients From Off Line Market

As a life coach, you can't just depend on online marketing strategies. You also need to learn how to get coaching client from off line marketing efforts. This is because most of your significant contacts will be coming from offline networking in the beginning. The idea behind this strategy preference is that you're physically closer to off line contacts compared to internet ones whose identities you're not actually sure of. This isn't to say that you should completely forget about contacts whom you meet through your website. You're just supposed to make your off line efforts complement all your online marketing strategies.

The Rule of 3. You need to focus your online marketing in terms of 'threes'. Your clients need to see you 3 times before they will contact you about your services.

1) NEARLY FREE METHOD with your business cards! One of the best ways to introduce your services off line is though handing out business cards. Ideally, you've only printed about 50 of these before your website was fully developed. Make sure that the next ones you have printed out already include your website in the contact information. This is a surefire way to get some significant traffic to your website without having to resort to sneaky black SEO strategies. This is also a good way to present your profile to clients without crowding your off line marketing tools. The key handing out cards is to do it anywhere and everywhere. Leave them in local shops, gyms, hair dressers etc. All you pay is the price of your business cards

2) NEARLY FREE METHOD Get stickers out Another hip way to advertise your business is through car stickers. Firstly you can put a big sticker on the back of your car or on one of the windows so that people see it everywhere you go. You can also hand out catchy car stickers on the street so that everyone else puts them on their cars.

3) REDUCED COST METHOD. Team Up Get a group of coaches all specializing in specific fields together. Choose a catchy name for you all. '' or ''. Of course, these are just examples of how creative you can be when thinking about your group name. You can merge marketing efforts with a business and a talent coach, and perform equally well with these other coaches. We've found out that life coaches who collaborate with other coaches who are equally competitive perform better than coaches who fly solo right away.